Virtual CFO

For start-ups, small and medium enterprises, keeping fixed costs at a low level is a primary requirement and outsourcing services provide them with the flexibility of choosing services as and when required and keep a tap on fixed costs. For large corporates, the service offers professional assistance for quality performance of time bound assignments which are non-recurring/exceptional in nature.

Our number one goal is to accelerate growth so owners and founders can take their business to the next level. We’ll help manage cash flow, keep investors happy, and create strong efficiencies in the operations and business processes.

Managing a startup company is a tough gig, especially in the tech or creative fields. You have started the business to pursue a passion or skill, but the finance, funding and accounting needs to be handled too. As your financial co-pilot, we make all that segment smooth.

We have developed customized solutions to suit the needs of our clients. Our level of service options allows you to find the level of support required.